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Facility Emergency
Preparedness Support

1. Dedicated Facility Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

JCAHO and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services require you have an Emergency Preparedness Plan and Emergency Management Committee, and these measures are undoubtedly valuable whether required or not. But all too often these Committees feel unproductive because everyone on them already has other responsibilities. Good intentions abound, but follow-through becomes difficult as people are stretched in different directions.

Our solution is simple and focused on you: We provide you with a consultant with experience and education in disaster planning and emergency response for medical facilities and healthcare organizations. For free. Because we know if we’re there for you before disaster strikes; you’ll call us when it does.

ICRA Compliant Maintenance, Construction and Disaster Services

2. ICRA Compliant Maintenance, Construction and Disaster Services

Disaster response projects in hospitals and healthcare facilities are challenging and risky. The construction can be complicated, especially in older facilities, and the health risks are formidable. Add in the urgency, and you have a formula for a second disaster – health-associated infections (HAIs) and a compromised EOC!

They are surprisingly frequent, fearfully expensive and devastatingly damaging to your brand. You need a contractor that combines disaster response construction skills with infection control and containment barrier expertise to protect your entire EOC – and therefore, your hard-earned reputation.

That’s us. Cousino Medical Services is your Most Valuable Partner for healthcare-related disaster response. When you form a pre-disaster relationship with us we stand ready to respond when you call – any time of day and any day of the year. Our initial strike force is ready at nearly all times and can draw on even more workers in a short time, if needed. All are ICRA-trained and have direct experience in medical care setting response, which is critical to getting the job done right.

Enhanced Terminal
Cleaning, SteraMist BIT Technology

3. Enhanced Terminal Cleaning

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) are the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S. and cost the U.S. healthcare system over $40B a year. Terminal cleaning is recognized as the best defense against HAIs in your facility, but typical cleaning often falls short due to time pressures and lack of training. Many current products and processes fail to break the biofilm or simply aren’t registered to kill all the biohazard threats you face. Statistics show that conventional terminal cleaning leaves behind between 30%-60% of surface micro-organisms.

Our enhanced terminal cleaning is different. It's like regular terminal cleaning on steroids! We start with an intense top to bottom macro-cleaning process, reaching areas that are often overlooked. Once all the gross contaminates are removed we apply SteraMist’s Binary Ionization Technology, using cold-plasma power to apply an EPA-registered broad-spectrum disinfectant that safely neutralizes in about 30 minutes. Because SteraMist is ionized and directly applied by a technician, as opposed to being automated, it reaches areas your UV robot can only dream of – if it could dream.

  • Our Typical Process
    • Cousino meets with you to inspect areas and discuss potential concerns.
    • Based on needs, services, and desired level of decontamination we review pertinent medical information and determine decontamination protocol.
    • CMS SUPERCLEAN TEAM arrives onsite as this area’s sole authorized provider of SteraMist decontamination technology. Learn more about SteraMist here.
    • We have the experienced and trained staff with infection control and prevention knowledge, the dedicated equipment, and 24/7 onsite Safety and Environmental Health Specialists.
    • We disinfect healthcare facilities using the world class disinfection technology (SteraMist) in conjunction with intensive hand cleaning process (“SUPERCLEANING” technique).
  • Situational examples for enhanced terminal cleaning
    • Recurring or suspicious HAI problems
    • Before, during, and after maintenance and renovation activities (duct cleaning, floor refinishing, HVAC, broken pipes, water intrusions, etc.)
    • Patient-related medical waste contamination

On-Demand Pathogenic Outbreak Response

4. On-Demand Pathogenic Outbreak Response

Nothing can damage your system’s reputation and brand more than a pathogenic outbreak. Not only does it send your system into operational disarray, but people’s lives are at stake.

From MRSA to C. diff, facility patients and residents are some of the most vulnerable and at risk to potential pathogens.

UV light robots are great for routine disinfection, but fall short in an emergency outbreak. A situation of this magnitude requires a pairing of science and process.

Cousino Medical Services combines the latest disinfection technology with human expertise and training. When you call us with an outbreak problem, we meet with you confidentially and discretely.

Our CMS SUPERCLEAN TEAM will arrive onsite within minutes, as this area’s sole authorized provider of SteraMist decontamination technology:

  • SteraMist is an EPA registered broad spectrum disinfectant developed by the Department of Homeland Security/DHARPA in response to the biological terror fears following 9/11.
  • The power of SteraMist comes from its 6-log kill efficacy but its value comes from its cost-effective cold-plasma application process, which allows large and intricate areas to be treated quickly and affordably.

Choosing the right specialty contractor to partner with for your environmental infection control is no small task. Only Cousino blends the expertise of disaster mitigation with infection control. Our Mobilized 24/7- 365 Strike Team arrives onsite within minutes to contain, decontaminate, and protect your environment of care from the pathogenic outbreak. Our teams are fully trained (ICRA/PCRA and HIPAA), experienced specialty contractors with dedicated equipment for your healthcare facility and are under the supervision of onsite Safety and Environmental Health Specialists.

Complementary Emergency Preparedness Support

Do you have a plan? Do you have a committee or individual tasked with improving your response readiness? Do you have a strong emergency response contractor relationship in place now?

Would you like to learn more about our complementary Emergency Preparedness Support Consultant?