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Cousino Medical Services (CMS) is your MVP - Most Valuable Partner - for a clean, safe and operational Environment of Care after a facility disaster or an infectious outbreak.

No one has more on the line after a flood, storm, pathogenic outbreak or other building disaster than medical facilities and healthcare organizations. Not only does the facility need to be cleaned and restored as fast as possible to avoid disruption in revenue and patient care but it must be done properly under American Institute of Architects Infection Control Risk Assessment / Pre-Construction Risk Assessment (ICRA/PCRA) guidelines to preserve the Environment of Care (EOC) and avoid Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).

Very few contractors have the experience, expertise and training to safely and properly care for your environment of care in a time of distress. We are the ER for your ER in an emergency for your facility. Because time is so critical you simply can’t wait until disaster strikes to pick your specialty contractor. Time and again experience proves the best outcomes result from a deep, collaborative, pre-disaster contractor relationship.

CMS is the NW Ohio, SE Michigan and NE Indiana region’s only contractor dedicated solely to medical facilities and healthcare organizations for Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Response, and Infectious Outbreak control. Only CMS combines over 40 years of emergency property damage and disaster response with intensive ICRA/PCRA expertise and the latest HAI prevention/response technology.

Our partnership philosophy is simple and direct: by working with you before disaster or when outbreak strikes we remain poised to respond discretely on short notice, with all the experience and expertise you need to get your facility back up and running with minimum disruption to operations and patient care. Our goal is to be your MVP – Most Valuable Partner – after a building disaster or an infectious outbreak.

How Do We Do It? Meet our "Core of Four" Family of Services:

  • Facility Emergency Preparedness Support
  • ICRA-Compliant Disaster Response, Maintenance and Renovation
  • On-Demand Pathogenic Outbreak Response
  • Scheduled or On-Demand Enhanced Terminal Cleaning
Talk About Your Emergency Preparedness

Do you have a plan? Do you have a committee or an individual tasked with improving your response readiness? Do you have a strong emergency response specialty contractor relationship in place now? Would you like to learn more about our complimentary emergency preparedness support consultant?

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